Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Been A Long Time

Time flies. I just looked and realized that it has been almost 2 months since I have let all those that are interested know about by life! So sorry. I have had a lot going on at work and have just been super busy and just a tad stressed.

When I went back to my diet doctor I had gained 15 pounds. Bad, bad, Heather. I was just sick. So, when I started back on this round of shots on April 17, I felt like I was redoing what I had already done. It just upset me so much. So, I have lost all that I had gained plus I have lost 10 pounds more. So, all in all I am currently down 82 pounds. I think I am going to turn into a strawberry. But it is strawberry season and they are super yummy right now, so that is really not a bad thing. I am looking forward to ending this round which should be in about two weeks and having a salad and a piece of cheese. Cracker Barrell here I come. At that point I really hope that I am down 100 pounds. It is not likely, but it is what I am hoping for. At that point I will weigh what I weighed on my wedding day. At the point I am now, I still haven't weighed this is in almost eleven years. So that is where I am now at 235. Feels good.

I am planning to have Savannah dedicated at church in a few weeks. I think my parents are coming up for it, but I am not going to tell her yet because I hate getting her hopes up for something like that and the letting her down. It will be good. I haven't seen my dad since last August. I hate living so far away from them. I wish I could go see them every other month at least.

Well, until next time, I shall sign off. Hopefully, I will write before two months next time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Great Weekend

Last Friday I got up, got ready, cooked breakfast for my family, took Savannah to school--and then headed down the road to FREEDOM! I met my friend Rebecca in Greensboro, NC at noon at our hotel, The Drury Inn. They let us go ahead and check in which was really nice of them. After we settled into our room, we got into our suits and headed down to the pool, because it was super nice weather. We packed a cooler of drinks to take with us and we just sat at the pool, drank and talked all afternoon. I got a tad sunburned and have been a little itchy this week because of it.

I would like to interject at this point that I highly recommend the Drury Inn. For those of you who want to take your pets on vacate, this is the place because it is a pet friendly hotel. And, as a non-pet owner, I was not disgusted by pet hair in my room. Nor did I start sneezing or anything. If my daughter had been there she might have started freaking out at the sight of a dog, but that was a non-issue. Also, not only do they have a really good continental breakfast, they have cocktail hour and snacks from 5:30-7, every night of the week. The two nights we were there they had hot dogs, baked potatoes, nacho fixin's, salad and chips. The first night we only had drinks because we were going out to dinner. They give each adult three free drinks per night. Really good bloody marys!

After cocktail hour was over, we went upstairs and started getting ready for dinner and then we went to Carrabah's, which was right next door. Dinner was awesome. We got seafood canneloni and steak marsala and shared it and it was so yummy. Well complemented by a bottle of chardonnay!

Saturday morning we got up and stumbled downstairs to get breakfast and COFFEE! After that we headed to the mall, which was just across the street, to get pedicures and it was great. That is my favorite thing to have done. Then we just shopped around at all the kids stores (even on vacation we have to think about our kids first!), and of course, Victoria's Secret. Then we headed back to the hotel and ate lunch. After lunch we got to talking about my favorite grocery store, The Whole Foods Market. Well, Rebecca googled and found out that there is one in Winston-Salem, just twenty minutes up the road and she has never been to one and wanted to check it out. I was happy to comply as there is not one near my house and I LOVE it. So we got ready and headed down to the Whole Foods. I was in heaven when we pulled in to the parking lot. Needless to say, we were there for like three hours, she was very impressed and we had a happy old time.

We went back to the hotel, ate our hot dogs and baked potatoes and bloody marys, and vegged out in the room watching TV and talking for the rest of the night. It was an awesome time.

Next morning we went to breakfast and then packed up and were gone by ten in opposite directions. Hopefully we can plan to do this every year. We deserve it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Life these days has one very important word in the forefront of my mind. . .maintenance. Maintaining my weight loss is key. I have however cooked several of my favorite meals and had the in-laws over for eating and fellowship. Two weeks ago I made pinto beans with ham and cornbread, scalloped potatoes, and apple crisp with ice cream. After that meal I was MISERABLE. The next week I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, crock pot corn, green beans and garlic bread. I kept myself in check and felt much better than the week before. The good thing about having everyone over was that we had very little leftovers, so I wasn't forced to eat them two days in a row. Not that it would have hurt my feelings, but it might have hurt my waistline. For anyone who doesn't know about crock pot corn, it is easy. Frozen, two pound bag of corn in a crock pot, put 1/2 stick butter, 8 ounces, cream cheese and 1/3 cup sugar all on top of the corn, put on the lid and cook on low for 3 hours. Do not take off the lid for 3 hours. At the end, stir it all up and it is awesome! Big winner at my house.

Next weekend I am going to Greensboro, NC to meet my best friend Rebecca. We are staying three days with no men and no children. I am so excited, although I have never been away from Savannah that long. I think that it will be good for both of us. I am sure we are going to have a wonderful relaxing time!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Transistion and a party

Today I start another transistion in my diet. Thank God for eggs and cheese! It is so nice to have a slice of cheese when you want one, in moderation. When you know that you CAN have it, you don't feel so desperate. I enter transition down 71 pounds. I want to lose 99 pounds more. I am so happy about my success with hcg. Currently I am down from a size 26 to 18. AMAZING!

My Savannah's birthday party was on February 5th. She had a skating/pizza party at Hall's Skateland. We had a great turnout! Around 35 people. I made Savannah's cake and it was a big hit. Everyone said I did a great job. Savannah got lots of presents that she has really enjoyed playing with. Her favorite part of her party though was that her two best friends from school, Montana and Lauren were able to come. They really had a big time. The only down side for me was that I could have no pizza or cake. It will be worth it in the long run though.

Also, Sunshine came to visit us for several days. We had a good visit and she was also able to attend Savannah's party, which was nice.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today is my baby's fifth birthday. I cannot believe it. I remember lying on a table in surgery and hearing her wail and then there she was face to face with me. Love at first sight. I can honestly say that it was the best day of my life. I told her this morning that her birthday was my favorite day of the year. Last night a baked and decorated a birthday cake for her class at preschool. Saturday she is having a big skating and pizza party for friends and family. I just can't believe that time is going so quickly.

My weight loss is going well. I am down 70 pounds. My BMI has dropped 10 points. I am very happy. I have dropped from a size 26 pants to 18. I have tried to not buy any clothes so I am wearing huge size 24 or 26 pants that I can barely keep up. I have to go get a few pairs of pants to wear to work at least. I am going to go consignment, because there is no need to pay full price for clothes that won't fit me next year. Plus, this will fit right in with my frugal lifestyle!

It is crazy, and I don't want to be sick, but I really want to go to the doctor so when I get on the scale they will go WOW, what did you do? I will just feel so validated!

This month is starting out well, I am looking forward to it continuing to be so.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Year

The first few weeks of the New Year have been very emotional ones for me. I have had several personal issues going on that have taken a toll on me, and currently trying to plow through them is an emotional drain. Not to mention the fact that the cold and the snow have made me depressed and I am desperatly trying to cling to promises that God has given us.

I am currently down 59 pounds. On this round of hcg I have lost the five pounds that I put on at Christmas and an additional twelve, so I feel super succesful. After the first day of HUNGER I was fine. I love the feeling of the weight just melting off. It is wonderful.

My goals for the year are to be a better wife. I want to be a less selfish person. Also, I want to be VERY frugal. I want to pay off some bills and get our savings up. I want us to get our finances IN CHECK! Clipping coupons helps on the grocery end, but I want to end frivoulous spending. These are my goals.

I really hope that at the time I go into transistion I will be down 80 pounds. That will be February 10, so I have almost another four weeks. I think that I should easily hit my goal. 90 would be even better. Keep posted and I will let you know.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How things are going these days. . .

Today is the third day of my second round of HCG shots. The first two days of course are loading days, so today is the first day on the 500 calories. Mentally, I am totally there. Physically, it has been a tough day. I am sure that I had the same hunger pangs when I did the first round three months ago, but I had pneumonia then and I didn't really care about anything. I really feel it now. I will be strong and prevail though. I haven't cheated so far, and I won't. This is too important to getting my life back. I am going to get a Vitatrim shot tomorrow, so hopefully that will boost my energy levels. The first few days are the most difficult. The thing about eating on a VLCD is that when you do get to eat, anything you eat tastes GREAT! So, at this point I am down 47 pounds and I am looking forward to seeing that number drop. It was kind of nice having my load days fall right at Christmas though!

Christmas was great. For the first time ever, I was actually ready a week ahead of time. I was able to not get stressed out at all, and really enjoy the evenings, making a gingerbread house and baking cookies with Savannah. I also enjoyed a rare night out with Scott, to go do some shopping and out to a nice dinner. I felt this Christmas season was really nice and relaxing and non-stressful. You just have to work a little in the weeks running up to it, to make it such. I really wanted to sit back and enjoy the time with my family.

Savannah has thoroughly enjoyed herself this Christmas. She loved all of her toys and was really excited about Santa coming. She was glad that Santa paid a visit to her school after she sent her letter, so she could revise her letter in person! As long as all of the Baby Alive dolls showed up under the tree, she was going to be happy. Which she was. She is a little mommy at heart. It really is quite touching.

As far as New Years resolutions go, I don't think I have actual resolutions. I made the commitment to a healthy lifestyle in September and I plan to continue on the journey. I started dedicating myself to consciously trying to save money on groceries and other things a few months ago, and of course I plan to continue this as well. I want to become a better wife, better mother, better friend and communicator. Ultimately, I want to do these things through the will of God and what he wants for me.